About Isabel

It is very strange to write one's biography because it is just a list of dates, events and achievements. In reality the most important things about my life happened in the secret chambers of my heart and have no place in a bio. My most significant achievements are not my books, but the love I share with a few people, especially my family, and the ways in which I have tried to help others.

When I was young, I often felt desperate: so much pain in the world and so little I could do to alleviate it. But now I look back at my life and feel satisfied because few days went by without me at least trying. A day at a time, a person at time; in the end it adds up.

Here are a few things I believe in that you won't find in a list of my publications or accomplishments:

  • It is important to be kind, to be truthful and to take care of others and myself.
  • Women have the wisdom and courage to lead their families and communities. If the world is ever going to heal, it will be women who will make it happen. We cannot leave them to fend for themselves.
  • I have been empowered by education, reproductive rights and economic independence. Women who are uneducated and have no skills, who are not in control of their own bodies and fertility, and who cannot support themselves can easily become destitute and be victimized. Each of us must act without delay to empower women and girls worldwide to take control of their lives, even if they stumble and fall a hundred times. With our help, they can succeed.
  • In every human being there is a core of shining dignity and courage.

In any case, here is my bio. If you are curious about my books and speeches, want to see my private photo album or need press photos, please visit my website at: isabelallende.com

Photo © Lori Barra